V Invest, Praha, 23. 11. 2018
V Invest will alter its project because of a valuable archaeological find and will preserve a medieval stronghold for future generations

Archaeologists have discovered rare remnants of a medieval stronghold in Prague's Jinonice district. Well-preserved ruins of a 14th-century stronghold were discovered during excavation works that were part of a project to refurbish Jinonice Chateau and convert the cultural monument into a unique residential compound. The stronghold is an evidence of medieval architectural sophistication and the find has an immense cultural and historic value. V Invest, the development company that owns the chateau, has agreed with conservationists on preserving the rare site for future generations. The company is therefore going to alter its plans to build garages in the location.


A tree decorated with ribbons is placed atop Jinonice Chateu!

The traditional topping-out ceremony was held at Jinonice Chateu, with a tree decorated with ribbons placed atop the building to signal that the structure has reached its final height. According to an ancient tradition, the tree is believed to bring good luck and protect new inhabitants of the building. The topping out at Jinonice Chateau was a special event for us as the place had long been our home. Obviously, we could not miss the ceremony. May all new inhabitants come to love the place as we did and enjoy their new dwelling!

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